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Big Data

Accessing Data with Spark: An Introduction to Spark.. Learn More

An Overview of Apache Cassandra.. Learn More

Analytics by Function.. Learn More

Apache Hadoop.. Learn More

Apache HBase Fundamentals: Installation, Architecture, and Data Modeling.. Learn More

Apache Solr – Deployment and Configuration.. Learn More

Apache Solr - Query and Data Management.. Learn More

Batch Solutions with Hive and Apache Pig.. Learn More

Big Data Corporate Leadership Perspective.. Learn More

Big Data Engineering Perspectives.. Learn More

Big Data Fundamentals.. Learn More

Big Data Interpretation.. Learn More

Big Data Opportunities and Challenges.. Learn More

Big Data Strategic Planning..Learn More

Building Solutions using Kafka and Hbase..Learn More

Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics.. Learn More

Fundamentals of Big Query.. Learn More

GCP Big Data and Security.. Learn More

GCP DevOps: CloudOps with Google Cloud Platform..Learn More

Getting Started with Hadoop: Fundamentals & MapReduce.. Learn More

Getting Started with Hive: Introduction.. Learn More

Getting Started with Hive: Optimizing Query Executions with Partitioning..Learn More

Harnessing Data Volume & Velocity: Big Data to Smart Data.. Learn More

Implementations with BigQuery for Big Data.. Learn More

Interactive Queries with Spark SQL and Interactive Hive..Learn More

Introduction to Apache Spark.. Learn More

Introduction to Data Modeling in Hadoop..Learn More

Introduction to Hadoop.. Learn More

Managing Big Data Operations.. Learn More

Python for Data Science – Introduction to Python for Data Science.. Learn More

The Big Data Technology Wave.. Learn More

The R Language and Big Data Processing.. Learn More

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